1) The owner of the Buono Vacanza, can book as follows:

• By e-mail at the following address: buonovacanza@travelevents.it
• By filling out the form information request
• By telephone at the reservation center:0236636090
Monday to Thursday 09.00 – 13.00 / 14.30 – 18.00
friday 09.00-13.00

2) The owner of the Buono Vacanza ask the availability of the chosen period to staff Travelit BV.

3) Travelit BV send by e-mail or fax a proposal card with dimensions in detail and how to make payments by the date indicated on the card itself.

4) Upon receipt of the card, the customer can confirm the practice by making the required payments.

5) If within the period required, the customer will not send any share, the reservation will be deemed invalid and therefore will be canceled.

6) If the cancellation is made by the owner after the transfer of dispatch, the shares of the Travelit BV will be retained