1) The BUONO VACANZA gives the right to the enjoyment of a week’s stay in apartment in residence formula.

2) And ‘it provided accommodation in apartments or bungalows two or three rooms, with bedroom, living room with kitchenette and bathroom, at least 3 stars facilities, in low and middle season, with possibilities for some destinations even in high season with discount of 50%.

The Buono Vacanza is not valid in the period of high season.

3) And ‘it required payment of additional shares (club card, package water, electricity and gas, final cleaning) for an amount varying between 40,00 and 90,00 €, depending on the share of the single residence. These will have to be welded in relation to the beds for a minimum of four people, by bank transfer or money order payable directly to the management company as described in the confirmation of the booking sheet.

4) To know the exact amount of mandatory ancillary fees call directly Travelit BV 02 36636090 . them same costs will be confirmed in that Travelit BV board will send to the holder of the Buono Vacanza confirming the agreed period.

5) Is required, upon receipt of confirmation of the booking sheet on the chosen period payment of Travelit BV share, amounting to 25.00 euro per person. They are exempt from this fee children up to 3 years.

6) Nothing will be due to the residence apart from the security deposit which will be refunded on departure upon return of keys (unless otherwise stated on Buono Vacanza).

7) The stay will start from 17:00 on day of arrival and will end at 10:00 of the day of departure.

8) EXTENSION VALIDITY ‘OF THE BUONO: The validity may be extended for a further year by paying € 25,00 + iva contacting Travelit BV at 02 36636090 .

9) In the event of cancellation by the user for reasons of force majeure after sending the Travelit BV shares, the same will not be refunded.

10) e list of the participating locations will be subject to updates on site www.travelevents.it

11) Travelit BV will change the structure of the online catalog at any time without notice.

12) It is excluded in any case the responsibility of Travelit BV if the buyer complained about poor service depended on causes attributable to the buyer the same,that was due to unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure. Constitute force majeure, by way of example and without limitation, strikes, adverse weather conditions, wars, civil and military unrest, riots, natural disasters, looting and terrorism.